My host country was one day away from celebrating Children’s Day. As a result the talk at church focused upon the nature of children and their rights. Whether or not it was true, the lady speaker commented on how we live in an adult-centered world where children are subjected to the whims of adults. She said with a commanding, yet constrained voice words to this effect:

“Adults often act as if they the owners of truth. Although society idealizes youth (as a way of marketing products) it treats them as irresponsible beings…”

She finished by pointing out how Jesus not only defended children, but considered them to be the ultimate model because of their believing, trustful nature.

My ears had a difficult time stomaching these words, not because of the content, but the icy/defensive/bossy tone in which they were delivered. As I reflected further, I began to examine my own incongruency — how many of my reactions seemed to follow a subconscious script emanating from the wounded self. It mirrored how I was treated as a child. The only drawback to the red lights on my dash was how they consistently advised me too late.