“and yet…” has been a recurrent theme in my dreams. Although it has taken on several forms yet all the versions produced the same alarming sensation:

Sometimes I’d be preaching before a congregation, and yet… I didn’t have a Bible with me or couldn’t remember the text I was to preach from. Sometimes I’d find myself in a park and yet… wearing only pyjamas. Sometimes I’d be in an unfamiliar High School writing a math exam and yet… having no idea how to answer the cryptic equations staring at me. Sometimes I’d be involved in a hockey game and yet… I’d forget my equipment or didn’t have a stick to participate. And through each episode, I used to feel a searing tension shoot through my body as if it all depended upon me.

Don Miller, (a post-modern Christian writer) wrote how he tends to get anxious about too many things; whether or not his ideas were right; whether or not people liked him; whether he would get married or not; whether his future girl would leave him if he did marry; whether his car was fashionable enough and whether he sounded like an idiot when he spoke in public.

His descriptions got me giggling to myself as I have struggle with similar things.

~ vincenzo