As a child I identified with a rather odd hero. While other boys were captivated by Batman or Super Man I eagerly watched the ¨Littlest Hobo¨. The TV series focused on a not-so- stray German Shepherd dog that wandered from town to town helping people in need. It was similar to Lassie, except the Little Hobo held to a strict code of honor: 1) He never had an owner; 2) though many people sought to adopt him, he preferred to be on his own; 3) each episode involved some kind of new rescue mission and 4) the faces of the actors always changed so the only constant was the dog.

For me, nothing matched the ecstasy like rescuing combined with humility. It did not matter he was only an imaginary character. What weighed in his favor was how the Littlest Hobo not only saved lives, but also how he never took credit for any of his random acts of kindness.