Maybe the idea of a Birth”day” is too distressing,
When warm expressions are limited,
To a short interval of time,
Maybe birthdays shouldn’t be looked upon,
As the epitome,
Of how much others love us…
All love expressions,
Pumped into just one day.
So, take heed to Jonathan Swift’s words,
When he said,
“May you live all the days of your life.”
Could there ever be,
A greater birthday wish?
For a day is just not enough,
To pay tribute to a true friend,
Nor even to oneself,
Birthdays only lead to disappointment,
If and when…
We put all our expectations into only one day.
As if that’s all that counts.
For one wise man wrote,
“I find each day too short,
For all the thoughts I want to think,
All the walks I want to take,
All the books I want to read,
And all the friends I want to see.”
And so with that reflective quote
I leave you,
Not to one day, but to many.

~ vincenzo