life is a meadow
subdued with greenish brown attitudes
teeming with life forms
motives hidden from view
Creator God
you adorn the dismal waters
sending majestic blue from above
kaleidoscopic sky reflections
twittering crickets, intoning birds
amorphous crooning and droning
from high and low lying creatures
nature’s orchestra resonates
yet, the crowning touch
God’s ornamental ecstasy
His untamed culmination
is the Lotus
her unrivaled beauty
captivates artist and writer
white exotic petals of splendor
sit upon leafy pads of verdure
her loveliness stands out
overcoming dreary surroundings
gracing life with her delicate charisma
…boldness, and self-assurance
without being told
natives call her “lovely flower”
eminence of her character
title of intrinsic worth

~ vincenzo