I look upon this heartfelt utterance written by my friend Miriam as a call to celebration. It reminds me of the importance of honoring the ever-elusive golden thread that unites us as writers — one the uninitiated would not understand.

As a right-brained individual, dreams have always pulsated in ways not always easy to comprehend or describe — even to myself. The sensations, though fleeting have been rich and invigorating as they have been hidden and sometimes evasive. It took some time for me to finally sit down and attempt to articulate them one by one.

I never suspected how writing could not only shape my life, but transform it. Getting in tune with my artistic side has been an ambiguous process similar to climbing a precipitous mountain slope — one in which literature and fellow bloggers have been instrumental vessels of inspiration whenever I felt like giving up.

Another Wandering Soul

how i treasure you.

you do not only weave a comfortable blanket around me with your words, thoughts and ideas, you keep the fire in me burning.
every day i see you share my admiration for words… you all use them with care; thoughtfully place them in order to fit your intentions.
i love it.
i love how you inspire me, how you make me laugh, well up, startle me, how you make me uneasy. the whole spectrum of emotions… you present it to me on a daily basis – and i am grateful for your offerings.

thank you.

an admirer

p.s.: because i do not want to make this too sentimental, please insert an inappropriate word of your choice here -> (         )… to lighten the mood. heh.

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