One Toronto morning while strolling through a nearby drug store, I noticed this greeting card by artist Gary Larson. The caption read, “Wish I’d brought a magazine”. Through this fuddy-duddy* caricature, Larson injected a stinging indictment on religion. That pathetic figure loomed large in my mind and embossed itself into the wall of my personal art gallery ever since.

I came to a painful awareness I devoted much time to church and religious activities and yet something was amiss. On one side I see people who want to live a life of love without God.  On the other, I see a pseudo religious piety devoid of love.

Literary writers have described this insular effect as a superficial understanding about oneself, about others and about our true nature. We seem to make excuses and resist our true calling to journey inwardly or spiritually. We dread discovering what’s below the surface. However, to the extent we avoid this journey, we invite shallowness of personhood and the ultimate possibility of a broken-world experience.

~ vincenzo

* fuddy-duddy = old-fashioned person
conservative, geezer, old fogy, old geezer, square