Some questions are meant to open conversations, while others to end them. I was always slow to tell the difference. I met one young woman, who before I could get through a sentence, would interrupt me to excuse herself for reasons too trivial to recall. I noticed after several attempts to engage her, this was a fixed pattern or better said… a defense mechanism. Her comfort zone only allowed for small talk whereas I wanted more.

Since that day, I have noticed how I have the same effect upon others. I don’t understand why deep subjects, transparency or heartfelt expressions should frighten anyone away, yet they do. Since that day, my heart opened to the world of literature in a new way – to how freely and boldly writers unfettered their humanity without hesitation, shame or fear of being snubbed… so contrasted to the realtime world where masks and barriers prevail.

For these reasons and more, I have been called to transcend both distance and time to find company among the literati. Your presence is a haven dappled with sunshine and shade where I flourish each day. Thank you for your attentiveness.

~ vincenzo