Sometimes it feels as if I’m in love, but I have enough discernment to know the difference. I know when my imagination is running away on me.

This person seeks me out whenever she is down and out. She opens up like a little child. She discloses frustrations with endearing expressions as her big eyes redden with tears. These sporadic confessions create the illusion of closeness. However, when all is well she returns to her love-avoidant self.

She is sometimes careless and lets her mask slip with touchy, out-of control anger and a creepy ability to redefine reality.

Having a compassionate heart means trying to sort out contradictions. Not only hers but my own. It looks all clear down on paper, but reality is often obscure and confusing. Nevertheless, I want my subtext to this person to read:

“I hope it will become increasingly clear I’m not looking for love or romance, just someone to connect with once in awhile.”

~ vincenzo ©