I started on an-all- out anti-inflammatory campaign a few months back.  Being on a low glycemic eating plan means a lot to me. For as many years as I care to remember, I waged a losing battle inside my own body. My work in teaching only exacerbated the anxiety, metabolic imbalance, brain fog, mood swings and fatigue.  I distanced myself from the band aid solutions of conventional doctors.  Conversely, as I began to understand and apply natural alternative approaches to healing, the better I began to feel.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  Hippocrates

Holistic practitioners believe the body is able to heal itself, only it needs the raw materials to do so. This also involves eliminating harmful foods and customs in order to prevent oxidation damage, inflammation and blocking of amino acids and essential minerals from doing their work.

Finding consensus among holistic philosophies is unrealistic, so I arrived at the list below according to the research I’ve done so far. Most of the points come from Dr. Peter Glidden who has been a Naturopathic Doctor for twenty five years related to holistic medical nutrition.

As a result of this lifestyle change, I feel less prone to moodiness; I experience greater mental clarity; I feel less stiffness around the joints; it has cleared up my digestive issues and all my headaches have disappeared.

I have found the majority of people I share this with, resist change and would rather adhere to their long established habits than get better.  I’ve learned in this regard to keep my expectations low.

What to Avoid

  1. Wheat
  2. Rye
  3. Barley
  4. Oats
  5. Any Oil in a Bottle — Vegetable Oils, Olive including Coconut Oil
  6. Deep Fried Foods – frying foods at a high temperature causes oxidation
  7. Carbonated Beverages — Washing your food down with carbonated drinks blocks the absorption of the nutrients you consume
  8. Well cooked red meat — eat red meat rare or medium rare only
  9. Luncheon meats because they contain harmful nitrates
  10. Skins of baked potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes
  11. Sugar, Fructose, Artificial Sweeteners
  12. Most refined high carbs even “Gluten Free”