“From the first moments of life, our being strives to be in harmony with our surroundings and with each other.” ~ Dr. Sharon Keller

I knew what it meant to want to belong and yet be unable to. When you face the tears and ongoing agony of a long term unnamed barrier, you value every insight that comes your way. I remember being a socially receptive child, but as I grew older, I began feeling more out of place without knowing why. I put on a facade, yet below the surface, I couldn’t make sense of the loud, hard-hitting, competitive climate that prevailed each day.

I adopted a cool detached persona in order to survive. As a loyal people pleaser, I found it draining to keep in step with boisterous community standards. There was no escaping the commotion: The desire to be left alone, the necessity of down time, the strain of trying to make sense of social dynamics – made daily life a  boot-camp existence.

Without a plan of action, having a highly-sensitized temperament is like driving downhill in a vehicle without brakes. It adversely affects your relationships, especially when your heightened emotional responses include unresolved codependency issues.  Without meaning to, you approach love from a place of scarcity. This insecure or inconsistent attachment interferes with your strong need for connection.

Being a highly sensitive man can be a great advantage. Even though you are invisible to society, your life can turn around when you put your creativity, imagination and depth to work.

~ vincenzo ©

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6 Responses to “about me”

  1. Glynis Says:

    Amazing insight. I so agree.

    1. Glad you like it. Cheers to you.

  2. Wow! Sounds very noble!

  3. Thank you Gabriela for making your way here. It is persons like you who inspire me to move forward as a late bloomer. Vincent

  4. Great blog Vincenzo – I am grateful that we have crossed paths in the blogosphere. Beautiful writing and great paintings. Anywhere else that I could see more of your artwork>

    1. Thank you for coming by and commenting. My fascination has been focused in painting with words during these years and less in the visual arts. I’ve been mostly immersing myself in classic literature as I am hoping to build on this foundation as the basis for my growth in creative writing.

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