I chose whirl.wind.rider as the title of this blog for two reasons. It describes the freedom I feel when I skate dance and it also reflects the ever-active, hyper-sensitive nature of my temperament.

In this blog I use creative writing as a canvas to explore faith, expression and personal growth. For me writing helps me cope with emotional distress above the line of conscious recognition into the intentional realm.

~ vincenzo ©

4 Responses to “about this blog”

  1. Evelyn Diago Says:

    Hi Vincenzo!

    Your blog is really cool. Came across it quite by accident when I was searching for quotes and also some writings I saw on another site!
    I realize I write too, to make sense of my inner thoughts!
    By reading your blog now I’m inspired to pursue my creative side -even when no one’s looking!

    1. Many thanks for your kind feedback. We certainly need encouragement from fellow creatives.

    1. Thank you for the read. I enjoyed it and I fully agree. Presence is essential as a writer both on paper and in person. Also writing is interwoven with the demands of daily life. So true. Blessings.

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