I sometimes act and think as if my well being depends upon others. ~ vincenzo ©

Imagination is an invisible friend you can believe in.  ~ vincenzo ©

Although sensitivity is not always akin to emotional instability, cultural bias often makes no such distinction.  Therefore, the highly sensitive person may confuse the former for the latter, placing greater confidence in the social mirror than his own perspicacity.

~ vincenzo ©

To the artist, each entry is a love letter that provides a sacred space for contemplation. It is twofold: what you plan to send and what no one but yourself will ever read. ~ vincenzo ©

What artists and writers instinctively understand is how every source of inspiration is intimately rooted in love. ~ vincenzo

Creative writing is learning to express yourself in the most unrehearsed way possible. ~ vincenzo ©

Strength of character is learning to express yourself even when no one is cheering you on. ~ vincenzo ©

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