favorite quotes

“When I was a child I made up my mind that no one loved me — that life may not be worth it and that love was a conditional transaction between people. When I grew up, I soon learned I was wrong. Children learn wrong things about the world; about life; about love, but I promise you that children don’t think that way without good reasons.

Fortunately, I did learn people do love me and life’s worth living. But I felt that second learning developed much later than early on, because I know when I’m stressed out, when I’m hurt, when I feel betrayed or when I’ve really screwed up something or hurt someone, I relapse into being that little child who believes there is no love in this world.”  ~ Jee Hyun Kim

“Loneliness is not found by having no one to touch, but instead in letting yourself be touched…” — www.ricksreviewz.wordpress.com

“Louis Moore was used to a quiet life. Being a quiet man, he endured it better than most men would. Having a large world of his own in his own head and heart, he tolerated confinement to a small, still corner of the real world very patiently…

“I used rather to like Solitude—to fancy her a somewhat quiet and serious, yet fair nymph; an Oread, descending to me from lone mountain-passes, something of the blue mist of hills in her array and of their chill breeze in her breath, but much also of their solemn beauty in her mien. I once could court her serenely, and imagine my heart easier when I held her to it—all mute, but majestic.

“Since that day I called Shirley to me in the schoolroom, and she came and sat so near my side; since she opened the trouble of her mind to me, asked my protection, appealed to my strength—since that hour I abhor Solitude. Cold abstraction, fleshless skeleton, daughter, mother, and mate of Death!

“It is pleasant to write about what is near and dear as the core of my heart. None can deprive me of this little book, and through this pencil I can say to it what I will—say what I dare utter to nothing living—say what I dare not think aloud.

“I know this is the talk of a dreamer—of a rapt, romantic lunatic. I do dream. I will dream now and then; and if she has inspired romance into my prosaic composition, how can I help it?

“What a child she is sometimes! What an unsophisticated, untaught thing! I see her now looking up into my face, and entreating me to prevent them from smothering her, and to be sure and give her a strong narcotic. I see her confessing that she was not so self-sufficing, so independent of sympathy, as people thought. I see the secret tear drop quietly from her eyelash. She said I thought her childish, and I did. She imagined I despised her. Despised her! It was unutterably sweet to feel myself at once near her and above her—to be conscious of a natural right and power to sustain her, as a husband should sustain his wife.

“I worship her perfections; but it is her faults, or at least her foibles, that bring her near to me, that nestle her to my heart, that fold her about with my love, and that for a most selfish but deeply-natural reason…”  — “Shirley” by Charlotte Bronte

“the idea is learning be content within yourself
and giving yourself the things you need
the idea is to learn how to be independent
without demanding others give you that something
if you try to define what you think others are suppose to do
or how they are supposed to do things for you
then both you and I have really missed out
on what love truly is”
~ author unknown

I once learned one of the profoundest truth from a burly weather-beaten, muscle-bound motorcycle instructor. He taught me to never depend upon the rearview mirrors of a vehicle when changing lanes, since mirrors offer only a limited view of a much larger reality. This lesson sunk deep after my first car accident and in more ways than one.

Sometimes I look to others as an ideal model, only to discover they have their faults and drop the ball once in a while. I find the closer they come to my ideal, the harsher become my expectations. I forget they (like myself) are only rearview mirrors — they too are only limited representations or reflections of a greater light. Yeah, I forget the part about grace…

~ vincenzo
“The best argument for Christianity is Christians; their joy, their certainty, their completeness. But the strongest argument against Christianity, is also Christians – when they are somber and joyless, when they are self-righteous and smug in complacent consecration, when they are narrow and repressive, then Christianity dies a thousand deaths.” ~ Eugene Peterson

“We buy a home for our children, for our bodies; we get a garage for our car; we have dog houses for our dogs; but we won’t give the mind a home. And we treat it like an outcast. We shame it and blame it and shame it again. But if you let the mind ask its questions, then the heart will rise with the answer… The heart will reveal the answer, and the mind can finally rest at home in the heart and come to see that mind and heart are one.” ~ B. Mitchell Katie




¨Self-control does not come from controlling our feelings, but from feeling our feelings.”