I sometimes act and think as if my well being depends upon others. ~ vincenzo ©

Throughout youth, many children seek to fix or “unbe” themselves. Their social role call them to adopt a highly charged, extroverted front — to cover their highly sensible, introverted nature. Regardless of their true temperament, they matter to others only to the extent they reflect the resilience and tough-mindedness of the high school jock or spirited cheerleader. ~ vincenzo ©

Although it is hard, seek to look at each dark episode with as far-sighted a perspective as possible. What seems desolation in the moment, isn’t indicative of the whole story. ~ vincenzo ©

Motivation withers when it is externally focused.
~ vincenzo ©

Many write about their journey through anxiety and depression and there is nothing extraordinary about my story. When you plunge into the sea of despair, the world seems to forget you. You are sucked into the vortex of a dark downward spiral. And people keep asking you questions, but the kind you find irrelevant, so you no longer expect anyone to actually listen or care. And yet this is the nature of grace. It descends upon your cold and cynical heart when you least expect it.

~ vincenzo ©

i began life emotionally bankrupt
though i didn’t know it at the time
some debilitating grip
as if once bitten
the serpent disappeared
nameless insecurities and doubts
slithering fears
they loomed large
and out of proportion
it seemed unfair
to wage war with the invisible
to be a victim
of my own emotions
it took time to understand
grace over repression
to see my re-parented child
unfolding, interacting and playing
yet I still have days
when my wounded self
overrides my hard-earned sobriety
© vincenzo

It was one of those rainy days when my daughter had experienced a chaotic drama rehearsal. It made her want to pack up and quit theatre altogether. Unlike my usual self, the following words occurred to me:

“In an ideal world, people show up on time, people never get upset and everything works perfectly, but that is rarely the reality we live. How much can we learn from those that are unruffled when everything seems to be falling apart. How beautiful it is to transcend circumstances rather than let them dictate how we feel, act or respond.”

~ vincenzo