Imagination is an invisible friend you can believe in.  ~ vincenzo ©

Written expression has an indefinable mystery impossible to simulate in verbal communication. It would be unfortunate after meeting someone through written correspondence to switch exclusively to verbal communication thereafter. Verbal exchanges tend to be strained and a lot more guarded. ~ vincenzo ©

Creativity is a kind of view finder you carry with you wherever you go. Your artistic leanings cannot help but shape your outlook. ~ vincenzo ©

‘There is a moment, before I sit down to work, that I feel a very keen sense of empathy. It is from this, almost heartbreaking, point that words begin to flow.’ ~ Gabriela Blandy

The beauty of creative writing is seen in its power to awaken imagination, emotion and pathos – facets normally kept in check. Literature animates the soul in ways that often pales real time interaction, where social constraints require you and me to wear a mask. Sometimes those constraints are so prevalent we fail to relax even when we want to.

If you get a chance watch the movie, “Chocolat” with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. It is not most brilliant film however, one scene calls my attention. It involves the protagonists taking each other in their arms to dance for the first time. Feeling the awkwardness of these initial steps toward intimacy, the woman (Juliette) begins to say something in order to soften her discomfort while her partner (Johnny) gently intercepts her words. He motions her to keep quiet by calmly lifting his hand to her lips exhaling a soft “shhhh”. The gesture may be fleeting, the subtext everlasting.

Silence is the forgotten realm, yet it is often the prerequisite to enjoying the present moment. As necessary as words may appear, sometimes they get in the way. ~ vincenzo ©

Sometimes I involuntarily enter a state when childhood memories flash mutely onto the screen of my mind. I’m referring to the daydream variety. They usually pertain to common childhood scenes (sometimes even dreary), yet immersed in euphoric/sublime feelings. Sometimes I seek in vain to decipher the subtext of these powerful yet elusive flashes. Why they exist. How I can tap into their mystery.

This imaginative/ blissful realm is intimately connected to my artistic expression, because it ultimately involves the cultivation of self understanding.  As Casper David Friedrich says, “The painter should paint not only what he has in front of him, but also what he sees inside himself. If he sees nothing within, then he should stop painting what is in front of him.”

My favorite medium is mural painting where I combine the muted beauty of photo realism with the decorative boldness of zentangle.  My writing and my faith are also intimately connected to my artistic expression, but I will leave this topic for another time.*

~ vincenzo ©

This post has been revised. What I uploaded was taken from part of an email I wrote July 18, 2014 to a new cyber-friend in Panama.

Many write about their journey through anxiety and depression and there is nothing extraordinary about my story. When you plunge into the sea of despair, the world seems to forget you. You are sucked into the vortex of a dark downward spiral. And people keep asking you questions, but the kind you find irrelevant, so you no longer expect anyone to actually listen or care. And yet this is the nature of grace. It descends upon your cold and cynical heart when you least expect it.

~ vincenzo ©