“If we listen to the bad behavior, we have a chance to meet / encounter our fears, our disappointments, our prejudices, and the things we haven’t thought through before.”  — Jane Deeth

It hurts to see you laying there in a cold and sterile space

Helpless in being able to reach you  

For even in close proximity, I always felt you far away  

You’d get angry and unreasonable

For reasons I could never understand

And rather than try to reconcile my ideal world with reality

It was easier to stonewall you from my thoughts  

To face the departure of a loved one I fail to understand

Whose dark and foreboding moods I refused to enter

Coz it defied the happy endings of my Disney scripted world

I try not to look at the familiar family photos

Projected on the funeral chapel wall

For reasons I cannot explain

They produce dissonance to happy feelings

Like facial features inside a Picasso frame

Their random order, or something

Are interruptions to the memories

I seek to knit together but in futility can’t…

for those of us who love you
who choose to see you
beyond outward appearances
we cannot help but admire you
though it’s often difficult
to express exactly why
how can i begin to express it?
your casual way?
your pensive questioning looks?
your thousand mute expressions?
you abhorred masks and euphemisms
you detested white-washed walls
designed to guard distance
for those who love you
you let them see…
a human heart struggling
with all the raw manifestations
you never fit the mould
you never even tried…
a right-brained fellow
living in a left-brained world
for those who love you

– who hold you dear
there are no goodbyes
you keep on breathing
… going the extra mile
to challenge the norm

~ vincenzo