Many write about their journey through anxiety and depression and there is nothing extraordinary about my story. When you plunge into the sea of despair, the world seems to forget you. You are sucked into the vortex of a dark downward spiral. And people keep asking you questions, but the kind you find irrelevant, so you no longer expect anyone to actually listen or care. And yet this is the nature of grace. It descends upon your cold and cynical heart when you least expect it.

~ vincenzo ©


trapped behind massive window panes
invisible and all-constraining
squeezing out all life
with passive tenacity

silent screams for help
tormenting goes unheard
silent desperation
blocking the restless spirit

only the attentive friend
can see the silent cries
transporting the heart to liberty
from those self-protective layers

~ vincenzo
[written in Orlando Florida during my sister’s 25th anniversary]