It was one of those rainy days when my daughter had experienced a chaotic drama rehearsal. It made her want to pack up and quit theatre altogether. Unlike my usual self, the following words occurred to me:

“In an ideal world, people show up on time, people never get upset and everything works perfectly, but that is rarely the reality we live. How much can we learn from those that are unruffled when everything seems to be falling apart. How beautiful it is to transcend circumstances rather than let them dictate how we feel, act or respond.”

~ vincenzo

the idea of skating
in a run-of-the-mill way
never appealed to me
so to make it fun
i got a kick
from weaving in and out
and into the most
precarious situations
one day like a drowning victim
i almost went down
at the point
of parting my head in two
dare i mention
how ridiculous i looked
dangling like a trapese artist
holding on for dear life
clasping onto a stranger
as she stood
ungracefully bent over me
balancing her body
to keep us both
from dropping?

~ vincenzo

skating and hockey
played center stage
in my childhood
i lived and breathed them
like freezing air
i only felt slight tinges
in my extremities…
until I got home
and began to thaw
then the pain intensified
enough to make me wonder
if five to six hours
out in a frozen park
may not have been
a little bit too much?

~ vincenzo

intervals of timelessness
spread their tiny wings
where bothersome concerns
fade into obscurity
until the hollow
radio music
sings away
to start another day
~ vincenzo ©