when you show yourself vulnerable

and your friend pulls away

your deepest feelings fly into a tailspin

it hurts when someone treats you special

then at once their affection, it fades away

coz soul friends, they don’t come around every day

when you don’t know what to do

you can play the victim

or you can stop doing what doesn’t work

let your friend go where they need to be

stop chasing her and with time

learn to embrace your inner strength

make your life a resting place

feel the carathis of your pain

when true friends understand they are free

they will find their way back to you

and if they do not, do yourself a favor

just learn to let it be

~ vincenzo ©



We were born into a cold inhospitable world. It rarely consults us or adapts to our preferences. Moreover, it often assumes a posture of inflexibility, judgment and/or indifference. These insular traits hardly ever get questioned, though no-one can deny their deadening effect. Jesus expressed the inhospitable nature of humanity when he referred to the multitudes. He said they were like sheep without a shepherd.

I understand what it is like to want to connect with someone and yet be unable to do so. Sometimes it is because the person’s character totally contradicts the outward appearance. Sometimes the level of interest I show is not returned. Sometimes he or she just doesn’t know how to deal with a sensitive, artistic temperament. I’ve learned, nevertheless… it is never in vain to show care especially when it is done in a respectful, brotherly way.

Acts of kindness beautify life. They are a source of blessing when they come from a place of strength. It’s never about placing our sense of well-being in someone else’s hand. It is about showing generosity of heart, even in the face of possible indifference. It’s never in vain to show thoughtfulness and care even when someone doesn’t value it. Love avoidance doesn’t make caring expressions less valuable. The failure of someone to respond is a sad reflection of the wounded self.