playful poems

my little pet dog

is a quiet creature

who speaks with his eyes

he is attentive

to my every move

and studies each habit of mine

when I lay his little mat

for furry bodies to rest

each minute of each routine

he tells me he’s contented

with common simple things

every little pet dog loves

~ vincenzo ©

the idea of skating
in a run-of-the-mill way
never appealed to me
so to make it fun
i got a kick
from weaving in and out
and into the most
precarious situations
one day like a drowning victim
i almost went down
at the point
of parting my head in two
dare i mention
how ridiculous i looked
dangling like a trapese artist
holding on for dear life
clasping onto a stranger
as she stood
ungracefully bent over me
balancing her body
to keep us both
from dropping?

~ vincenzo

Tiny 008

little busied creature
unconscious of his own movements
chasing scent after scent
concrete pavements
potted flowers
old rusted posts
like a chief executive officer
he is all absorbed
scrolling on his iphone
hot on some beaten track
following who knows what
what I find amusing
most touching of all
is how little he cares
this four-legged sensor
how interesting
or uninteresting
this whole sniffing business
seems to me

~ vincenzo




little fingers
meander on short fat handles
impetuously tossing colors
red haggard sables
dispense irrepressible delight
slap-dashing fresh impressions
as brush strokes
like piano keys
press down colors
to craft their own music
from remote corners of the heart
feelings and pigments combine
invisible and visible merge
creator and creation meet

~ vincenzo