Many write about their journey through anxiety and depression and there is nothing extraordinary about my story. When you plunge into the sea of despair, the world seems to forget you. You are sucked into the vortex of a dark downward spiral. And people keep asking you questions, but the kind you find irrelevant, so you no longer expect anyone to actually listen or care. And yet this is the nature of grace. It descends upon your cold and cynical heart when you least expect it.

~ vincenzo ©

The verses below describe the elation I feel when I’m skate dancing. The title “Elan” is Celtic and signifies shining or brightness. Listen to the music as you read the poem.


a melody takes me by the hand
weaving in and out together
like the wistful dance
of a hummingbird
untouched by fetters or cares
to a whirlwind world
of sacred dreams and wonders
where fears and torpidity
are left behind.

— vincenzo





photo credit

when i’m tongue tied
or just self-conscious
i go to a higher place
far away from appearances
undisturbed by habitual thoughts
where words won’t get in the way
where play speaks louder than words
where reverie takes flight

i want a dance partner
someone like you
who gets lost in ecstasy
whose arms sway and circle
as if predetermining the next move
just being free
light and unafraid
where each stanza rhymes
to the rhythm of love’s ache

~ vincenzo